Abigale Ponce

Amanda Casey

Ann Blocker

Anushka Kulkarni

Denise Lanier

Erik Ortiz

Josh Strecker

Karina Eisner

Kim Abbati

Mallory Christensen

Ranjani Girish

Ryan Christensen

Susan Hollier

Swathi Nalamalapu

Will Pierce


Stage Artwork – students from Amanda Casey’s Art Class at Carl Wunsche High School:

Erin Willmore

Henry Wardsworth

Javier Reyes

Malaika Flagg

Shaneel Sususco

Sofia Puey

Stephanie Alvarado

Taiana Bates



Denise Meyers

Steve Scheffler


Audio Visual  

Tom Taylor, Kyle Curran and the talented team of professionals from Lone Star College Montgomery


Lead Organizer

Javier Fernández-Han

Peter Han


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We would love to hear from you, particularly if you would like to nominate a speaker or performer or sponsor for the 2011 TEDxYouth@TheWoodlands.

Also, if you would like to volunteer to make TEDxYouth@TheWoodlands an amazing experience for all, please let us know in the form below.

Thank you very much!


Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.
– Carl Sagan –



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